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Asteroid light curve studies
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Select an asteroid from the list below.

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(Look for descriptive text below the lightcurve graph.)
1116 Catriona
My first asteroid lightcurve measurement. I was so-o-o-o green, but even a rank amateur with persistence can achieve useful results.
27496 (no name)
A faint asteroid, also one of my first.  The results are not very trustworthy.
1016 Anitra
Bright, fast, easy, fun!
808 Merxia
A bright asteroid, a beautiful curve.
471 Papagena
A fast rotator, bright.
582 Olympia
Moderately bright object with a 72-hour rotation, making this VERY difficult.  Multiple observers have worked on Olympia.
2283 Bunke
Faint (nearly 15 mag) but fast (4 hours).  It pushed my skills and equipment to the limit.